Where exactly should visitors to America begin? There is no country that seems to be very familiar than the United States. From the films and television to the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. Remember, America’s popular music started with the New Orleans jazz then from there it went on and take over the world. But there is more under the skin. Natural attractions that include the Grand Canyon amaze a lot of regular tourists and travelers.

However, there are quite a number of natural attractions that await you to give you the best American dream.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Have you been longing to witness the lava spilling down a mountainside, the hiss and steam as it smashes the sea, the heavy smell of sulfur? Witness all of it from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Move around the crater; gaze down from the helicopter. There is more that you can also enjoy. There are the coffee plantations; white; green and black sand beaches.

The statue of Liberty, New York

We are all very familiar with The Statue of Liberty but we don’t really know the story behind the statue. This copper statue is situated at New York Harbor’s entrance has offered exceptional reception to cruise passengers and penniless immigrants since 1886. If you want to explore this historic and iconic statue. Book well ahead and proceed to Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum.

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site, Atlanta, Georgia

“I have a dream” King’s oratory inspired millions of people both black and white in his native and abroad. However, in his hometown of Atlanta, you have a real chance of learning about his life at the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site and then you will have the real opportunity to walk in footsteps. Moreover, you can also explore the new Centre for Civil and Human Rights. This place also displays the struggles that took place in America and around the world. Spend a good time in Atlanta with your American holiday.

The Mountain Music Trail, West Virginia

Undiscovered, but only three hours west of the US’s capital. This is a 150-mile-long trail that follows West Virginia’s Highway 219. You can also have some good time in towns such as Thomas, Marlinton and Lewisburg and the banjoists and fiddlers play “old-time music”. This will take you back to the days of Irish and Scottish settlers. You have actually a lot to explore in this beautiful country. America, as you like it, will surely give you the best experience especially in West Virginia.

Showbiz, Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you ready to see the stars? Make your way to Vegas. From the likes of Rihanna, Britney to Lionel Richie. The big names have left their mark here. At the same time, the 30 or so live shows are all about tributes. These include Beatle Love and Michael Jackson One, and David Copperfield. If you are looking for a place you have the real buzz and live the American dream. Nevada, Las Vegas will surely not let you down.