When you are traveling it is good to be prepared. You may plan your destination, hotels, and all the activities you plan on doing when you get there. But there is one important thing that travelers tend to overlook, travel insurance. Some say it is an unnecessary expense some may just go with their guts and decide not to go with one but having travel insurance should be on the top of your list when planning your trip. Because things happen every time this insurance will come in handy when you are facing challenges whilst on your trip. It can also help out even before going on your trip. I know the next question is how does it help. Well, that’s not a problem, this insurance helps in covering a lot of concerns.lets just say it is a form of protection that makes your traveling easier.  Here are all the things that are covered by travel insurance.

Medical Emergencies

This is the most crucial one because getting sick or injured just happens unexpectedly. Often people think they are already covered because they have health insurance. Well, guess what some local insurances do not work abroad. Your travel insurance will come in and help with all the bills incurred during your treatment.

Medical Evacuation

Also in a case where you are stuck in a dangerous place. There are cases where you can get into an accident whilst you are far from the hospital. Travel insurance covers all your transportation be it by air or an ambulance to the hospital. In a case that the hospital says you need to be taken home your travel insurance has it all under control.

Canceled Trip

Remember when we mentioned that travel insurance also helps even before you actually go for your trip? Well, there are situations that are beyond your control that forces you to cancel your trip. With travel insurance you are safe. You don’t have to worry about not getting a refund. The insurance helps with covering the trip cancellation. You are guaranteed a 100% refund especially if your reason is mentioned in your policy.

Lost Or Stolen Luggage

Mishaps happen all the time. As you are traveling, your luggage may be delayed, damaged or worse more stolen. In case of a delay, you are given a refund to buy clothes and other essentials whilst you wait for your luggage. If they are stolen or damaged you can be compensated in replacement of the lost or damaged items.

Worldwide Phone Assistance

In the case of an emergency, it may be difficult to get through to people at home. Travel insurance offers you 24/7 support for all you need.  They can help you search for your luggage if you lost it, organize transportation home when needed, it also helps in locating the nearest hospital if needed. And guess what even if you lose the most important documents like your passport they help in arranging new ones for you so you don’t have to be stuck in a foreign country.